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We value our patients' experience at McLauchlin Wellness Clinic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Michael McLauchlin
Your Blenheim Chiropractor

I have been going to the McLauchlin Wellness Clinic since I was 16 years old...which is a very long time ago!!! Both Dr. Murray and Dr. Mike are fantastic and I wouldn't go to any other clinic!

In the past year my knee has been giving me a considerable amount of pain. It was to the point that I had a lot of difficulty walking and had to give up quite a few activities.

Since having Dr. Mike giving me laser treatment on my knee I am able to walk with no or very little discomfort. It is to the point now where I can go for walks, climb stairs and play and run with my great nephew and great niece again.

I highly recommend the use of the Laser...now if only it could get rid of wrinkles!!!!
Thank you Dr. Michael McLauchlin and the Laser treatments for letting me take part in daily activities again. You are awesome.

B Myslik

I've had bone-on=-bone osteoarthritis in both knees for over a year. After only 2 KLaser treatments I find that not only is the pain significantly reduced but that my knees seem less swollen and more flexible as well. I'm also finding it easier to walk naturally instead of lurching sideways and my legs look straighter and less bowed. I'm really pleased so far and am looking forward to further treatments in the hope of having continued good results.

Cheryl Walker

Two weeks after a total knee replacement, I had a KLaser treatment with Dr. Michael McLauchlin.  The next day there was less pain and tightening when bending the knee. This made exercising much easier.  I was also able to sleep much better due to less pain around my knee at night.  After 4 treatments, I was walking without a cane or altered gait.  My surgeon was very pleased with my progress at my six week checkup.  I definitely recommend the KLaser treatment.


I had been suffering from sinus infections for about 3 months and because I have heart issues I am unable to take any over the counter medications.  It was suggested to me to go and try the new Klaser at McLauchlin Wellness Clinic.  I couldn't believe it but I could actually feel my sinuses start to move during the 1st treatment and after 4 treatments I no longer had any sinus issues.  If you have allergies or sinus problems and think you cannot do anything for them because of other medical issues you may have, I suggest you give the clinic a call and talk to Dr. Michael McLauchlin about using the Klaser.


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