McLaughlin Wellness Clinic are your local Chiropody experts in the Thamesville area, providing advanced Chiropody services. Our Chiropodists focuse on assessing and managing both foot and lower limb disorders and injuries.

What Does A Chiropodist Offer?

Our Chiropodists strive to alleviate foot pain while maintaining and increasing mobility and improving the quality of life of our Thamesville patients. Your Chiropodist will discuss with you the benefits of our therapeutic treatments, from laser, extracorporeal, ultrasound, and iontophoresis treatments, to electrical and shock wave therapy.

Our Chiropodist’s are able to offer care to Thamesville area patients with many disorders and injuries and are well versed in:

  • Nail Conditions & Cutting
  • Bony Foot Deformities
  • Surgical procedures
  • Subcutaneous Lesions
  • Corns / Callus / Warts
  • Orthotics / Orthopedic Appliances
  • Foot oriented physical therapy
  • Prescription of medication
  • Bio-mechanical Dysfunctions


The Benefits Of Chiropody

Having a foot deformity, infection, or injury can limit your mobility and affect other parts of your body, including your knees and hips, and Chiropody can help you. Our Chiropodists are experts in assessing the needs of our Thamesville Chiropody patients, even without a medical referral.

A Different Approach To Chiropody

Our qualified Chiropodists provide advanced Chiropody services for those in the Thamesville area, going to the extra mile and providing custom made shoe inserts and orthotic footwear suggestions, nail management programs, and physical therapies. Those suffering from sports injuries, arthritis, and diabetes can also benefit from visiting our Chiropodists.

If you are experience discomfort and live in the Thamesville area, phone us today and schedule your Chiropody appointment.

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