McLaughlin Wellness Clinic gives Ridgetown residents access to expert Chiropody services. The main focus of our Chiropodist is on assessing and managing both lower limb and foot disorders and injuries.

What Knowledge Can A Chiropodist Offer?

Our Chiropodists goal is to improve the life of our patients in Ridgetown, helping to maintain and increase mobility and alleviate foot pain through a variety of treatments. Our Chiropody treatments include advanced ultrasound, extracorporeal, laser, and iontophoresis treatments, as well as shock wave and electrical based treatments.

Our Chiropodist’s have the ability to service a wide range of Ridgetown patients, as they are well versed in:

  • Orthotics / Orthopedic Appliances
  • Subcutaneous Lesions
  • Corns / Callus / Warts
  • Nail Conditions & Cutting
  • Surgical procedures
  • Bio-mechanical Dysfunctions
  • Bony Foot Deformities
  • Foot oriented physical therapy
  • Prescription of medication

The Value of Chiropody

Don’t let a foot deformity, injury, or infection limit your mobility and affect your knees and hips, choose expert Chiropody and improve your life. Our Chiropodists are able to accurately assess the needs of our Ridgetown Chiropody patients, sometimes without requiring a medical referral.

Advanced Chiropody

Serving Ridgetown and surrounding areas, our Chiropodists go the extra mile, providing nail management suggestions, physical therapies, orthotic footwear and custom made shoe inserts. Those suffering from diabetes, sports injuries, and arthritis can also benefit from Chiropody. Visit our qualified Chiropodists and experience Chiropody first hand.

Don’t let foot pain and discomfort win, if you are in the Ridgetown area, call and book your Chiropody appointment today.

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